Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Tanya Burr Lipgloss Review/ Impressions

I am a huge fan of Beauty Guru Tanya Burr, so when I heard the news she was bringing out a lipgloss and nail varnish collection I was very excited indeed!

I have been a subscriber of Tanya's for around four years now and I look forward to every video that she brings out.

So lets get to the Lipgloss, the one I have is called Champagne Toast, such a unique name, I love it!!

 The packaging is very cute and reminds me of the Mac lip glasses, so very elegant and also with a lot of product inside.

The applicator is soft and gentle and delivers just the right amount with one sweep, although you can build this up if desired.

The colour has a slight peach tone which lots of sparkle and glitter, and looks amazing on its own or applied over a shade of lipstick.

Above photo shows the Lipgloss worn on its own, as you can see it gives a lovely gloss and unique colour. It is not sticky at all, as with some lip glosses they can be super sticky and annoying.
It also lasts a very long time on the lips.

I wore this yesterday with a coral lipstick underneath and it looked just simply stunning!!

You can purchase Champagne Toast from Feel unique at an amazing price of £6.99.

There is a whole range of shades and I defiantly will be purchasing the other colours as they also look very stunning. I just might have to spoil myself and purchase the shoe collection.

So overall I am very impressed with this Lipgloss, it has good colour, lots of shimmer and sparkle and such a great price.

Purchase yours from:

I hope you enjoyed this review of Tanya Burr Lipgloss

Love Candylovesbeauty xx