Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Trends I'm loving

I am really loving the dogtooth and tartan print that is out at the moment. 
Kate Middleton is a fan, as seen in the image below. 
She teams both these looks with black tights, and some gorgeous black wedge suede boots. 

To recreate this look, I have added some stores where you can purchase similar skirts and boots.

Dogtooth Skirt

I have researched different stores to find the dogtooth skirt. As you can see they are within a reasonable budget.


New Look:

Tartan Skirt

I have found these tartan skirts which I think will look great with tights and black boots.



I think this is a really fun look and also cosy for winter by adding a wool coat, scarf and gloves.

Check out this skirt!!! Its a mixture of tartan and dogtooth combining both trends.
River Island £25

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